General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboratio / Staff

Director Jenn-Ming Song

Highest Academic Degree:Ph.D., Philosophy, National Cheng Kung University


Deputy Director of General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration

Dean of Research & Development Department



Managing comprehensive business of the Center

Tel: +886-04-2285-1811 # 25

Fax: +886-04-2285-1672

Deputy Director Keng-Tung Wu

Tel: +886-04-2285-1811 # 26

Fax: +886-04-2285-1672


Biomass Energy Research Lab.  Phone: 04-22840345 ext. 140


Administrative Staff Yelena Lin


1. Organizing work reports, proposed materials and tracking cases submitted by the Center to the School’s various meetings.

2. Registration of the Center’s official document.

3. Registration of the Center Director's itinerary.

4. Convening of the Center meeting, preparation and recording of the meeting materials.

5. Center webpage management, E-News preparation and publication.

6. Personal information management.

7. Other assignments.


Tel: +886-04-22840558 Ext.35

Fax: +886-04-2285-1672