1. Introduction

To assist small and medium-sized enterprises in entrepreneurship and innovation, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOE has combined government, research institutions, universities and private enterprises to promote the Innovation Incubation policy and encouraged the establishment of Incubation Centers since 1997. The Innovation Incubation Center of National Chung Hsing University was established in 1999 in the Main Campus, focusing on the development and contribution of industries and schools. In November 2008, the R & D and Entrepreneurship Incubation Center was established in the Central Taiwan Science Park, planning the main operational projects including four areas: laboratory, intellectual property business, entrepreneurship incubation business, and industrial college business.

In 2014, in order to strengthen the integration of NCHU’s knowledge resources, we effectively transformed, disseminated and applied this knowledge energy, hoping to lay a solid foundation for the value-added and development of industrial technology for the biggest basis of Taiwan’s industry, which referred to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as setting up an industry-university operation center, incorporating the incubation center into the promotion business group to proceed with the original center business.

2. Operational Objectives

Aiming at the main core business and goal of “Reducing costs and risks in the early stages of entrepreneurship and R&D to increase opportunities for success by providing space, equipment and technology, capital, business and management consulting and support in a place which gives birth to the new businesses, new products, new technologies and assists enterprises in transformation and upgrades”, we look forward to integrating the industrial resources of the central region, expanding the service energy in the local area, optimizing the supportive environment for new ventures, deepening the incubation cooperation in entrepreneurship, and further pushing forward the internationalization of industrial innovation.

Regulation & Form

Regulation & Form